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Understanding Back Pain

find a DoctorBack pain is experienced by millions of people annually, and it is caused by a wide range of different reasons. Many people think it is simply caused by old age or a weak body, but, in reality, those are only a fraction of the amount of issues that cause back pain. With some, back problem are hereditary or are born with it. With others, these pains come from activities and strenuous actions that a person chooses to make, ultimately risking their body and having to deal with such issues.

What are the Causes of Back Pain?

There are four main factors that cause severe back pain. Aging plays a massive role in back problems due to the body naturally deteriorating after time. This causes problems, such as Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD), and breaks down cartilage, potentially causing bulging discs and damaged nerves. Aging is part of life and there is no real cure for back pains caused by aging. However, there are therapeutic and non-invasive ways to relieve that pain and feel more comfortable.

Injuries are another reason for back pain. Many times athletes, manual labor workers, and other people who tend to be overly active injure themselves more easily than those who are less active. Injuries to the spine can cause lingering, chronic back pain, and, often times, surgery might be recommended.

Spinal pain is also caused by hereditary or acquired conditions. Some people are born with diseases such as scoliosis or hereditary arthritis. Conversely, some women endure severe back and neck pain during their 9 month pregnancy. Many of these issues cause fractures and sprains in the spinal column that lead to both acute and chronic back and neck pain.

Finally, one of the least causes for back pains is tumors and infections. While tumors and infections can cause back pain, it is very uncommon, but can still affect a person by causing inflammation by “suffocating” or tightening the disc or vertebra, resulting in a restriction of movement.

How is Back Pain Treated?

Back pain treatments differ depending on the location of the focal point of the pain. Massages, heat pads, and nuerostimulation (stimulating the nerves) can release tension and relax muscles, temporarily easing pain. Other treatments include injections of steroids, muscle relaxers, and light exercise. In any case, consult a physician at the start of back pain, as it’s residual effects can be costly, both physically and financially, if it is not immediately taken care of.


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It's Not Morning Sickness

It’s Not Morning Sickness… You're more than likely to experience all those stereotypical symptoms of pregnancy such as weight gain, the growing belly, and the larger breasts. Because the growing baby puts pressure around the back and pelvis, back pain is also a common symptom during pregnancy, and in some cases sciatic pain can be experienced. You'll discover that this is no casual morning sickness routine. What is Sciatica? The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body, and is responsible for myriads of painful sensations that affect the lower back, the buttocks, the behinds of the thighs and legs right down to the ankles. Sciatica is caused when the nerve becomes compressed due to ruptured, bulging, or slipped discs in the spine. Some of the common pains are shooting sensations that run down from the lower back through to the buttocks and legs, numbness in one or all of the areas, sharp pains that may run the sciatic nerve route, or the pain may be patchy in areas. Sciatica During Pregnancy Although it's rare for pregnancy to be the cause of sciatica, pregnancy can enhance or reveal the already existing problems with the discs and spine. However, there are a few reasons for its cause during pregnancy. The growing uterus can sit in a way that puts pressure on the nerve, the same way that weight gain and water retention can compress it. Also, the muscles in the buttocks and pelvic region can tighten up and pinch the nerve because of the shift in your center of gravity. Another possibility is the changing of the baby's position during the third trimester which can compress the nerve. Sciatic pain during pregnancy can look different for every woman. You could experience certain pains in one side of the lower body or maybe even both. It may not subside as soon as the baby is born, instead it may linger for several months after. Intermittent pain may be manageable, but constant pain will require you to seek professional help. What Can You Do? Ensure you practice correct sleeping postures, and use pillows that support the neck, head, and baby bump. Ice and heat packs help to relieve pain, and wearing comfortable, shock-absorbing shoes encourage less friction on the spine and joints. Prenatal yoga poses such as Child's Pose, Triangle Pose, Cobbler's Pose, and Baby Pigeon Pose will help open and stretch the lower body that experiences sciatic pain. Don't try to live with the pain, especially with a baby on the way. Call us today at 888-373-3720 so we can get you in touch with the right specialist. You're in the business of growing a human being, and we specialize in ensuring that you become pain free the most effective and safest way possible. Call Become Pain Free... your pain solution.

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