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2301 Marsh Lane, Plano, Tx, 75093

Amit I. Patel, MD FACOG Vaginal Mesh – Urogynecology - Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery Bio Dr. Patel currently owns and operates Modern Gynecology, PLLC – a gynecologic surgical specialty practice based in Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX which focuses on vag ...


21 Spurs Lane, Suite 245, San Antonio, TX, 78240

VASCULAR SURGEON Board Certified Vascular Surgeon Fellowship of the American College of Surgeons Member of the Society for Vascular Surgeons Member of International Society for Vascular Surgery Member of the Peripheral Vascular Surgery Society D ...


8830 longpoint rd. Suite 502, Houston, TX, 77055

Dr. Mehta is Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He attended medical school in Kansas City, MO and completed his internship and residency in Chicago. During his residency he published multiple research presentations and worked closely ...

Dr. Anthony Maioriello M.D.

450 Medical Center Blvd., Suite 510, Webster, TX, 77598

Dr. Maioriello was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. He completed his undergraduate studies in 1993 and earned a bachelors degree in biochemistry from Illinois Benedictine College. After college he completed a two year graduate program in less ...

Dr. Bing S. Tsay, MD

400 W LBJ Fwy, Suite 330, Irving, Tx, United States, 75063

Bing S. Tsay, MD Dr. Bing S. Tsay is experienced in orthopaedic medicine including arthroscopic and reconstructive surgery and sports related injuries. His pursuit of excellence in education, training and patient care have led him to studies at Stanford ...

Dr. Brian E. Straus, M.D.

400 W LBJ Fwy, Suite 330, Irving, Tx, 75063

Dr. Straus is a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon. He completed his Foot & Ankle/Sports Fellowship at the Foundation for Orthopaedic, Athletic, and Reconstructive Research with Dr. Thomas O. Clanton, in Houston, TX. Dr. Straus continues to pursue the la ...


5204 Colleyville Boulevard, Colleyville, TX, 76034

Meet Dr. Bridget Holden Kim Bariatric Institute is respected for the high quality and the consistency of their results. Each patients personal experience matters to the staff at KBI. This aim for excellent surgical results is Dr. Bridget Holden’s goal ev ...


1851 Medical Center Drive, Decatur, Tx, 76234

With more than seven years’ experience in interventional pain management and sports medicine, Dr. Chad Stephens serves as founder and president of North Texas Spine and Sport. His early training includes a Bachelor of Science degree at Abilene Christian U ...

Dr. Charles Toulson, M.D.

6850 TPC Drive, Suite 116, McKinney, TX, 75070

Dr. Charles Toulson is a Board-certified orthopedic surgeon, Fellowship trained in Adult Reconstruction. Dr. Toulson earned his Medical degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has extensive experience that began with his trai ...

Dr. Christopher Ince, MD

1001 12th Ave, Suite 170, Fort Worth, TX, USA, 76104

Dr. Ince is Board Certified in both Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine by the American Board of Anesthesiology Dr. Ince completed his B.A. from Georgetown University with honors and his M.D. at Hahnemann Medical School in Philadelphia. He trained in Anes ...


1651 W. Rosedale St. #205, Fort Worth, TX, USA, 76104

Pain Management


1000 N. Davis, Suite B, Arlington, Texas, 76012

Dr. Clayton A. Frenzel  Dr. Clayton Frenzel is a passionate surgeon who is both a Fellowship Trained Bariatric Surgeon, as well as a Fellowship Trained Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon. Specializing in bariatric surgery, post-bariatric reconstructive cosmetic pl ...

Dr. Damien Mallat M.D.

7777 Forest Lane, Suite C204, Dallas, TX, 75230

Dr. Mallat is nationally recognized gastroenterologist from his involvement in multi-center trials and national publications. He achieves unique results in the management of complex gastrointestinal diseases. For almost ten years, he has trained doctor ...

10501 N. CENTRAL EXPRESSWAY, Dallas, TX, 75231

Interventional radiology Locations: 10501 N. CENTRAL EXPRESSWAY DALLAS, Tx, United States, 75231

Dr. David Liao, D.O.

3900 Joe Ramsey Blvd. Bldg 1, Greenville, Texas, 75401

Dr. David Liao, DO Board Certified, Fellowship-Trained Orthopaedic Surgeon In private practice since 1998, Dr. Liao treats a wide range of general orthopaedic conditions and specializes in total joint replacement, sports medicine, and upper extremity (s ...

Dr. Douglas K. Smith MD

9219 Garland Road #2107, Dallas, TX

Douglas K. Smith MD, Founder and Owner of MSKIC graduated from Wake Forest University Medical School. He pursued Orthopedic residency training at Mayo Clinic In Rochester, MN. During his orthopedic residency he obtained grant funding to study orthopedic M ...

Dr. Eric Gioia, M.D

2900 N I-35, Ste 110, Denton, Tx, USA, 76201

Dr. Eric Gioia has been practicing neurosurgeon in Texas for over 20 years. A graduate of the University of Mississippi Medical School (1979), Dr. Gioia completed his neurosurgical residency at the University of Tennessee, Memphis (1985) and served his su ...


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Become Pain Free is a group of doctors specializing in pain relief.

Posture and Neck Pain

Chronic neck pain is a miserable experience. Although some cases of neck pain are caused by an injury, many are simply due to poor posture. Poor posture stresses the muscles of the neck and can cause muscle spasms, stiffness and pain. Over time, the stresses of poor posture on the neck can cause degenerative diseases to develop in the discs and bones of the neck. Forward head A very commonly seen posture that puts a lot of strain on the neck is the forward head. The individual habitually thrusts the head forward, carrying it out in front of the shoulders. In this position, the weight of the head is constantly pulling on the spine and the shoulders. Sitting for hours hunched over a desk or a computer is a common cause of forward head. Many people with this habitual forward head carriage suffer from sore shoulders as well as a sore neck. Over time, the vertebrae at the base of the neck (C5 and C6) can develop painful degenerative conditions due to the constant weight of the head pulling on them in the forward head posture. Correct posture A correct posture is one that keeps the spine in alignment. Some people call it a neutral or balanced posture. One exercise to encourage a neutral posture is to focus on opening the chest wide as you try to squeeze your shoulder blades together. Once your chest is open, bring your head into alignment. Think of a string pulling up the top of your head and lengthening the neck. When you do this, your chin will tuck in and your head will naturally shift into proper alignment with your spine. Do the open chest/ string exercise multiple times a day. Other exercises to build better posture are head nods and chin tucks. To do a head nod, slowly nod your head slightly up and down without moving your neck. To do chin tucks, tip your nose down toward the ground and move the top of your head backwards. Repeat head nods and chin tucks several times a day. These exercises strengthen the muscles on the front of the neck. Individuals with habitual forward head posture usually have very weak muscles in the front of the neck. If you've worked hard at correcting your posture and you are still suffering from neck pain, why not give us a call?

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