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Chiropractic Treatment for Sciatica

Sciatica refers to the pain associated with the sciatic nerve that runs from the lower back into the buttocks, which can even stem pain and tingling into the legs. Typically, people experiencing sciatica will initially seek out a chiropractor to help with any back pains. Chiropractors essentially study the alignment of your spine, including the back and neck. With sciatica, there is usually some type of pressure or impingement on the sciatic nerve, which can cause severe pain or numbness in the back and legs. Chiropractic care can help adjust any abnormal bone alignment that may be causing the compression of the nerve to be relieved, thus alleviating the pain associated with it. Typically, chiropractic care is literally a hands-on process which involves a lot of massage-esque techniques to help correctly align the spine and its surrounding bones.

Chiropractics, in regards to sciatica, can also refer to the non-invasive laser techniques that physicians may use to help the healing process of sciatica. Keep in mind, sciatica is the underlying cause of a bigger problem, such as Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD), scoliosis, or a bulging or herniated disc. Laser treatment to the affected area can act as a heat conductor, helping reduce any swelling of muscles that may be causing pressure to the sciatic nerve. This is an extremely effective non-surgical use of lasers to act as an anti-inflammatory without having to take oral drugs.

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